In solar technology numerous abbreviations are used, from A (ampere) to W (watt). Here are the most important ones, most of which have definitions in this lexicon:

A = ampere

AC = alternating current

Ah = ampere hour

C = Celsius

CIS = copper indium diselenide

DBS = drainback system

DC = direct current

DGS = "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sonnenenergie e.V."

eV = electron volt

F = Fahrenheit

I = electrical current

K = Kelvin

kWh = kilowatt hour

kWp = kilowatt peak

P = power output

PV = Photovoltaics

s = Solar Constant

U = electrical voltage

V = volt

Vac = formula symbol for alternating current

Vdc = formula sysmbol for direct current

W = watt

Wh = watt hour

Wp = peak watt

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