MidAmerican completes bond offering for 579 MW Solar Star solar PV projects

SunPower Oasis Power Plant
The plants will be based on SunPower's modular Oasis Power Plant

Solar Star Funding LLC (Des Moines, Iowa, US) has completed a USD 1 billion bond offering to fund the construction of the 579 MW Solar Star solar photovoltaic (PV) plants in California.

The 5.375% Series A Senior Secured notes comprise the largest single project bond financing ever completed for a PV project. SunPower Corporation (San Jose, California, US) began 'major' construction of the plants, which were formerly known as the Antelope Valley Solar Projects, in April 2013.

The principle of these notes will amortize semi-annually beginning June 30th, 2016, with a final maturity of June 30th, 2035.

Solar Star Funding owns the projects and is a subsidiary of MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company (Des Moines, Iowa, US).



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