IEA: Solar PV meets more than 1% of electric demand in 15 nations

cover - "A Snapshot of Global PV 1992-2013"
The report also found that Asia has become the dominant region for PV deployment for the first time in over 10 years.

The International Energy Agency Photovoltaic Power System Programme (IEA PVPS) has released a report which finds that PV is now meeting more than 1% of electricity demand in 15 nations. Globally, PV represents 0.85% of electricity production, and is expected to reach 1% in 2014.

This is led by Italy, where IEA estimates that PV is already meeting 7.8% of annual electric demand, compared to 3% in Europe overall. The report finds that PV is meeting 6.2% of German electric demand, and 5.8% of demand in Greece.

Nations crossing the 1% threshold in 2013 include Australia, Israel and Japan, however China and the United States have not yet reached this benchmark.

“PV has become a major source of electricity extremely rapidly in several countries all over the world,” notes IEA PVPS. “The speed of its development stems from its unique ability to cover most market segments; from the very small individual systems for rural electrification to utility-size power plants (today above 250 MW).”

“PV finds its way, from the built environment to large ground-mounted installations, depending on various criteria that make it suitable for most environments.”

134 GW deployed globally

“Snapshot of Global PV in 1992-2013” is the second annual edition of a report looking at the rise of solar photovoltaic (PV) technology over the last 21 years, finding that 134 GW of PV has now been installed globally.

The report estimates that PV deployed in 2013 grew 26% to at least 36.9 GW, however the agency notes that with additional installations not yet reported this number could be above 38 GW.

Europe and Asia trade places

This is after only 0.6% market growth in 2012, but 2013 growth occurred in different locations. The agency estimates that the Asia Pacific region grew to 59% of the global PV market in 2013, compared to Europe which fell from 59% of the global total in 2012 to 28% in 2013.

This is the first time in more than 10 years that Asia has been the largest PV market, instead of Europe. It also finds that more than 5 GW was deployed in the Americas for the first time in 2013, including 4.75 GW in the United States as the third-largest market.

Policy changes

IEA PVPS observes a general trend of declining support levels. It also notes that several European nations introduced or considered retroactive changes in PV support policies in 2012 and 2013, highlighting Spain but also noting Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Italy and France.

While several European nations including Italy ended their feed-in tariffs, the policy has been adopted in China and Japan, the world's two largest PV markets in 2013. The agency also describes a move from electricity consumers to “prosumers” and subsequent conflicts over grid access fees and other details of net metering and "self-consumption" policies.

The full “Snapshot of Global PV” report can be downloaded from the IEA PVPS website. In addition to this report, IEA PVPS also publishes a report focused on the evolution of support policies and applications of best practices, and in September 2014 will publish the 19th edition of “Trends in PV Applications”.



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