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Current Topics

EnergyTrend: Demand for mono-si solar PV cells to increase in Q2 2014

2014-04-20 |

TrendForce's (Taipei) EnergyTrend division predicts that monocrystalline silicon (mono-si) solar photovoltaic (PV) cell demand will increase during the second quarter of 2014, due to narrowing price gaps with multicrystalline silicon (multi-si) PV and a greater market share of distributed PV. The company notes that there is little room for further price increases in the spot market, but it expects some fluctuations in spot prices to continue. EnergyTrend says that the economic case for mono-si is bolstered by higher efficiencies, with current Chinese mono-si PV cell conversion efficiencies around 18.4%, versus 17.4-17.6% for Taiwanese multi-si. Read more...


Solar Innovations

Innovation excels by promotion. Through providing a platform for context-driven comparison of solar components, systems and services, SolarServer provides Solar Industry stakeholders with more sophisticated and rich content related advertising opportunities.

The new online platform “Solar Innovations – 2014” not only allows for communicating the benefits of efficient customer-focused solar technologies, but also for businesslike presentations of complex solutions. More

Solar Channel

2014-04-08 |

The Solar/Channel is the first real-time, mobile platform dedicated to the global solar market. By working with the most influential and important content providers within the industry, Solar/Channel ensures solar professionals, enthusiasts and the market as a whole stay fully updated on the very latest solar news, developments, opinions and social media as and when it happens. Read more...

Solar Report

Land of the Sun: Solar PV in Latin America

2014-03-25 |

With the slowdown in growth and contraction in European PV markets in 2012 and 2013, many in the solar industry have been wondering where the next big market will develop, and many have been considering the potential of Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean and particularly South America. It is easy to see why. The region offers strong market fundamentals, including high retail electricity prices, growing populations and economies which drive the need for more electricity generation, and in areas like Northern Chile and Northern Mexico, some of the best natural solar potential in the world. Read more...

Solar Interviews

Power efficiency, storage and solar: An interview with Green Charge Networks CEO Vic Shao

2014-02-26 |

Solar Server: What is the difference between energy efficiency and power efficiency, and why is power efficiency important? Vic Shao: The situation is that the utilities are spending hundreds of billions upgrading the distribution grid every year. And that is truly how much it costs to maintain our aging infrastructure. The challenge is always the 20 or 30 hours during the peak summer time in the country, to handle that peak capacity. Read more...

Solar point of view

Solar Point of View: Goldman’s “Transformational Moment” in Solar and How You Can Benefit

2014-02-10 |

Goldman Sachs sees a transformational moment in renewables and plans to invest in excess of $40 billion by 2021. The motivation for Goldman is to create a return on the capital they invest for their firm and clients, but where will it be invested and how can the capital be to your benefit? Goldman and peer banks are not new to solar investment. The top banks all have been very active investing in solar, a recent sample includes: Goldman Sachs ($500mm to SolarCity), US Bank and JP Morgan ($630mm to Sunrun), Banc of America ($220mm to SunPower), and Morgan Stanley ($300mm to Clean Power Finance). Read more...

Solar Energy System of the Month

Wildwoods Convention Center PV project

2013-07-05 |

In late July 2012, workers connected to the grid a 487 kW solar photovoltaic (PV) plant on the roof of the Wildwoods Convention Center in Wildwoods, New Jersey, on the Jersey Shore of reality TV fame. This is a large PV plant, but by no means the largest in New Jersey, and the mixture of Suntech and Eoplly multicrystalline silicon PV modules and Power-One inverters is fairly mainstream as well. What makes this PV plant different is its investors. A total of 823 individuals from 42 US states invested more than USD 1 million in the plant, though crowd-funding platform Mosaic. Read more...

New PV yield forecast for worldwide locations

Powered by meteoblue's p☼intSOLAR the online forecasting tool allows accurate site selection for specific roads, areas and buildings. Results are based on high resolution meteorological irradiation data.

Solar Server's p☼intSOLAR PV calculator provides the exact power output PV arrays worldwide, based on high resolution weather forecasting and a professional PV system simulation.

Start p☼intSOLAR PV forecast Europe

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