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Photovoltaic-Solar News

Stanford University celebrates start of operation of a 67 MW solar PV plant

2016-12-06 |

The last major piece of Stanford Energy Systems Innovations (SESI), a nearly 155,000 solar photovoltaic (PV) panel array will produce the equivalent of over half of the electrical power used by the Stanford University’s campus. Stanford teamed up with SunPower Corporation, which designed and built the 67 MW solar photovoltaic (PV) plant in a western valley of the Mojave Desert, about 20 miles north of Palmdale. Read more...

Solar Report

Your Guide to Stationary Energy Storage in Europe - Part 1: Germany

2016-11-15 |

In the first of a two-part series on opportunities in battery energy storage in Europe, Apricum Partner Florian Mayr discusses the key drivers, challenges and outlook for today’s main use cases in Germany – residential storage and the primary control reserve market. Read more...

Solar Interviews

Solar Interview with Muhammed Kazi on the potential of the Middle East solar market

2016-09-12 |

Which potential do you identify in the Middle East solar market? Electricity demand in the Middle East has been growing between 6% and 8% CAGR, and yet some GCC utilites have faced an increase in peak load demand in excess of 12% when comparing the summer period of 2014 and the same period in 2015. In 2016, total electrical energy demand in the Middle East region is expected to exceed 900TWh. Read more...

Solar Point of View

Christopher Burghardt: Enabling long-term solar investments in Europe

2016-03-04 |

In just over a decade, solar energy has evolved from being relegated to highly specialized applications that justified the high cost, or heavily subsidized programs entirely dependent on continuing policy support from governments; to increasingly capturing a large share of the total power generation market on the strength of economics alone. Read more...