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Politics - Solar News

Coming fall in EU minimum import price affecting solar PV shipments, prices

2014-04-15 |

The European Commission is expected to revise its minimum import price for Chinese solar photovoltaic (PV) modules shortly, which has already affected the shipments and prices of major PV manufacturers. Martin Schachinger of pvXchange GmbH (Cologne, Germany) predicts that this price will be EUR 0.53-0.54 (USD 0.73-0.75) per watt, and expects an official announcement in the near future. Read more...

Solar Report

Land of the Sun: Solar PV in Latin America

2014-03-25 |

With the slowdown in growth and contraction in European PV markets in 2012 and 2013, many in the solar industry have been wondering where the next big market will develop, and many have been considering the potential of Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean and particularly South America. It is easy to see why. The region offers strong market fundamentals, including high retail electricity prices, growing populations and economies which drive the need for more electricity generation, and in areas like Northern Chile and Northern Mexico, some of the best natural solar potential in the world. Read more...

Solar Interviews

Welcome to the Energiewende: An interview with Craig Morris on his new documentary celebrating Germany's Energy Transition

2013-11-12 |

Craig Morris (@PPchef) is the lead author of German Energy Transition, a website that explains Germany's Energy Transition to the world in English. Born and educated in the US, he founded Petite Planète translation service in 2002 and has been working in the renewables sector ever since. In 2006, he published Energy Switch, the English edition of his German book from 2005 entitled Zukunftsenergien. Since 2010, he has written every workday for Renewables International. Based in Freiburg since 1992, he publishes in both English and German. In this interview, Craig Morris will be discussing his new documentary, Welcome to the Energiewende, which can be seen at http://welcometotheenergiewende.blogspot.de/ Read more...

Solar Point of View

The future of photovoltaic energy

2014-01-15 |

Good yields, government funding and secure payments are all proving that investments in photovoltaic panels are cost-worthy once again. Thanks to EU incentive schemes and continuous investment in research and development from manufacturers, the price of solar power has plunged, making it more competitive with conventional sources of energy on price and capacity. Globally, solar power accounts for less than one per cent of electricity supply, but recent growth in the sector has been extraordinary. Solar PV power has been the biggest source of new electricity generation for two consecutive years in Europe. Read more...