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Technology - Solar News

SolarEdge to offer single-phase inverters with built-in meters in North America

2014-04-15 |

SolarEdge (Hod Hasharon, Israel) has begun offering a line of single-phase inverters with built-in meters to provide revenue-grade production data for the North American residential market. The company expects to begin shipping the first inverters during April 2014. The company notes that it is the first company to offer listed inverters with ANSI C12.1 certification for residential applications. The new inverters will report the production data directly to the SolarEdge monitoring portal, which will eliminate the need for installers and owners to purchase additional meters. Read more...

Solar Report

2012 solar PV year in review: A complex picture of a changing market

2013-01-24 |

The difficulties that the global solar industry experienced in 2012 were both clear and expected. Continuing excess solar photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing capacity spurred a collapse in prices across the PV value chain, creating consistently negative margins and negative profitability for upstream PV manufacturers. This led to a large number of bankruptcies, insolvencies and acquisitions, but also trade wars between the United States and China, the EU and China, and between India and everyone else. Read more...

Solar Interviews

Solar Server interview with Dave Epstein, CEO, SolVoltaics

2013-05-06 |

Solar Server: With so many approaches out there to improve PV efficiencies, what are the main compelling distinctions of Sol Voltaics' technology? Dave Epstein: Sol Voltaics is producing an active layer ink called Solink™ that goes on top of silicon solar panels. This ink contains tiny nanowires – just 1 to 2 microns long made of Gallium Arsenide. These wires act as miniature solar cells. Put billions of them together and you create a lot of energy. Read more...

Solar Point of View

Advanced Inverters – Recovering Costs and Compensating Benefits

2013-10-18 |

Advanced inverters will increasingly be required for distributed solar generators across the country. Georgia Power's latest interconnection agreement, for example, requires that small solar generators use advanced inverters to provision reactive power. Similarly, a group of Western utilities recently endorsed advanced inverters as an effective and affordable tool to regulate voltage and is working to make them mandatory for all new solar facilities within their service territories. While there is clear recognition that advanced inverters offer grid benefits, how to fairly allocate their costs and compensate their benefits is a topic of hot debate. Read more...