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For all you bookworms out there we're working on an annotated list of solar media: magazines, newsletters, listservs, discussion groups, websites, videos, and books about the sun itself, renewable energy sources, the environment, home building, and home improvement.


All you ever wanted to know about solar energy

It's not always easy for homeowners and homebuilders to find their way through the maze of ways to use solar energy and new solar technology. What's the difference between a heat pipe and a flat-plate collector? Which solar system is best for my low-energy house? What does a solar circulation system look like? Answers to these questions about Photovoltaics, Solar Heating, Solar Heating Systems, Solar Collectors on our Technical pages.

Basic Knowledge

Solar Collectors


Solar collectors, specialized technical informations

Solar Heating


Solar Heating - technical informations and planning

Solar Heating Systems


Solar Heating Systems - technical informations and planning



Solar Electricity and Solar Cells in Theory and Practice: Photovoltaics Read more...

Solar Electricity - Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems


The components of a grid-connected PV system include the PV modules, a power inverter, a safety device to power down at failures in the grid and an electricity meter. The 'mains-commutated' inverter converts the direct current (DC) provided by the modules to alternating current (AC), simultaneously synchronizing the AC output to the AC in the grid. The power-generating capacity of a photovoltaic system is denoted in kilowatt peak Read more...

Stand-Alone Photovoltaic Systems


The stand-alon photovoltaic system will provide a battery output voltage of (in most cases) 12 or 24 volts DC. To supply devices which are only available for AC voltages a power inverter can be used. One of the most important tasks in planning such a stand-alone PV system is to match the prospective energy consumption with the local average solar irradiation, the resulting energy production and the required storage capacity Read more...