Costs of Solar Power Systems

As a rule of thumb, one can count on a cost of 6.000 € per kilowatt peak capacity (kWp) installed. The company responsible for installation must provide a quote of the costs of installation and connection to the public grid. Costs are lower for buildings not already built or for already planned roof-renovations than they are for retroactive installations. In every new building space should be left for the installation of wiring and a supply counter. The installation cost for photovoltaic systems is low when compared to the costs of the system components.

State-funded sponsorship is available in most cases in the form of reduced interest credits. Because of the large demand in the photovoltaics market, not all modules are available in the desired price and output classes. “Complete Packages” for self-installation cost between 6.000 € (1 kWp) and 22.000 € (4 kWp) and include all the needed components (modules, grid-feeding device, mounting, cables). The cost of every unit of output falls as the size of the system increases.

The feed in tariff according to the Renewable Energy Sources Act (Erneubare-Energien-Gesetz, EEG) makes a profitability calculation possible. Depending on how the return on the capital turns out, the investment can begin to yield a profit between the 12th and 16th year. For commercial systems the returns are more profitable thanks to write off possibilities. The long lives of solar cells and the 20-year compensation for grid supply is attributable to the reliability and quality of the materials used in photovoltaics.

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