Geothermal Energy
Model of a geothermal power plant
Model of a geothermal power plant

Using heat from the inner Earth is the goal of geothermal energy. This energy can be taken from different depths: ground coupled heat pumps use the heat near the surface up to a few hundred meters deep. In deeper areas, warm water can be made available from rock beds through hydrothermal geothermal processes. In order to be able to gain heat from the deep, crystalline rockbeds, the so-called hot-dry-rock-technique was developed. The term “dry” just represents a historical reference because during drilling, even at great depths, water is always present. In volcanically active regions heat gain is possible through steam vents and hot rock.

Text and illustration: BINE Information Service (BINE Informationsdienst), Subject Information Center Karlsruhe, Germany (Fachinformationszentrum),

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