Geothermal probes
Geothermal probes provide heat from the underground.
Geothermal probes provide heat from the underground.

Geothermal probes that are widely spread in Central and Northern Europe are characterised by the fact that they require only a small surface and that they utilise a constant temperature level. Plastic U-shaped pipes are inserted into vertical or inclined borings. Then these borings are filled with a special, swelling, permanent and sealing mixture of very fine particles in a liquid (suspension). This ensures the functionability of the geothermal probe system and good heat transfer. The plastic pipes act as heat exchangers and absorb the heat from the earth.

In Germany, geothermal probes are sunk to a depth of 50-160 metres, in North America, Sweden and Switzerland probes to a depth of 360 metres are being used. Very short geothermal probes (to a depth of 30 m) are often also used to store solar heat. Geothermal probes are used in systems greatly varying in size, from one or two probes for heating single-family homes to multi-boring systems to provide office and industrial buildings or entire residential complexes with heating.

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