Although alternative technologies have been developed and are now fit for use, only a small share of primary energy and about 10 % of electricity comes from Renewable Energy Sources, yet the use of geothermal, wind and Solar Energy sources is vital for the protection of the environment. In addition a sustainable power industry has a positive effect on the job market.

Due to these reasons, the use of renewable energy sources is promoted by communities, states, countries, and the European Community. The German Renewable Energy Law , adopted by numerous countries, ensures feed in tariffs for electricity from photovoltaic systems; a market stimulation programme offers subsidies for solar thermal systems.

According to the Renewable Energy Law, grid operators must pay a minimum of 46,30 Euro Cent/kWh in 2007 – up to 54 Euro Cent/kWh for smaller façade pv-systems for electricity generated from Solar Radiation energy provided to the utility grid (Grid Coupling).

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