Solar Roof Tiles
Solar Roof Tiles
Solar roof tiles from the Firma Laumanns, Brueggen, as an aesthetic alternative to conventional photovoltaic systems.

Solar roof tiles are photovoltaic modules that can be integrated into any conventional roof. The individual “tiles” are interconnected via electric sockets on their undersides to form a single unit, thus delivering electric current.

Such solar roof tiles are offered by various manufacturers, making the optically unnoticeable integration of photovoltaic systems with the roof surface possible. Up to now they have been uncommon because the price-output relationship per square meter is below that of a conventional roof-mounted solar module. Because solar cells heat up when struck by light, solar roof tiles should be optimally ventilated.

Solar roof tiles make a good choice for special architectural or aesthetic uses and needs when cost concerns are not at the forefront; for example representative buildings or districts protected by historical building, district and monument laws or statutes.

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