Solar Storage Tank
Solar storage tank for an 100% solar heated house.
Solar storage tank for an 100% solar heated house.

The term "solar storage tank" refers to all components of combi system storage tank.

The storage capacity of most such systems is limited to the heat required during a few days; the bigger and the better insulated the tank, the longer. Long-term Heat Storage Tanks (also called seasonal heat storage tanks) are mostly confined to large-scale projects like solar thermal systems for entire solar settlements, but found also in some 100% solar heated houses.

A special kind of solar storage systems are such long-term heat storage tanks, which don't use water as their heat storage medium. Such systems are e.g. latent heat-storage units and thermochemical systems, using a medium which allows to store thermal energy via endothermic (heat-consuming) chemical or physical reactions and to retrieve the thermal energy via controlled exothermic (heat-producing) reactions.

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