Thermal Solar Use
Solar heating system.
Solar heating system.

Thermal solar use means the transformation of Solar Radiation directly into useable heat. Specific areas include Passive Solar Design in Solar Architecture, the Standard Solar Technology used to heat potable water and for space heating, and the Parabolic Mirror (representing Solar Thermal Electric Power Plants) for the industrial production of processing energy and electricity.

Solar Heating Systems based on the Standard Solar Technology are the most wide-spread technology of active solar heating (in opposition to the "passive" utilization of Solar Radiation by means of Passive Solar Design in Solar Architecture).

A Collector transforms solar radiation to thermal energy by heating a liquid (the so-called Solar Fluid) pumped through the collector. Controlled by a Solar Regulator the heat is transported within a pipe system (the solar circuit) to the Solar Storage Tank and transferred by an Heat Exchanger to the storage medium (water, in the most cases). As a security device an Expansion Vessel maintains the pressure balance in the solar circuit.

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