Three-Liter Building

As an especially economical variant of low-energy buildings (the new standard for new buildings), the descriptive concept of the “Three-Liter-Building” is analogous to the “Three-Liter-Car”.

Heating needs of buildings in kilowatt-hours per square meter per year:

Three-Liter-Building 16 -- 39 KWh/m²*a

Low-Energy Building 40 – 79 KWh/m²*a

Passive Energy Building max. 15 KWh/m²*a

Zero-Energy Building/Energy-Producing Building 0 KWh/m²*a or energy surplus

Existing Buildings Depending on Insulation 80 – 300 KWh/m²*a

In this case, a quantity of heat corresponding to 10 KWh =: 1 liter of heating oil, 1 m³ of natural gas or 2 kg of wood pellets. Therefore, in a three-liter-building only about 3 liters of heating oil would be used per square meter of living area each year.

(It is true that the expression Three-Liter-Building in itself says little about any type of ecological building method)

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