• The p☼intSOLAR PV calculator provides the exact power output of your PV array based on high resolution weather forecasting and PV system simulation

  • Power forecasts for PV system design and internal PV power consumption

  • 6 day chart for specific locations
PV forecast Europe

Individual solar photovoltaic power forecasts for worldwide locations - powered by Meteoblue's P☼intSOLAR

Accurate site selection for specific roads, areas and buildings / high resolution metereological irradiation data

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Accurate power forecasts for more solar electricity in the grid / Projections for network operators and large-scale PV systems

As an increasing amount of electricity from solar plants  is incorporated into electricity grids, and this is influencing hourly prices. More and more, system operators are requested to determine and communicate promptly the exact amounts of their power delivery - and also account for the stability of electricity grids.

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Professional forecasts with p☼intSOLAR for PV-Ensembles:

For grid operators and other commercial clients the power generation of PV-Ensembles is calculated in high temporal resolution. p☼intSOLAR power forecasting for PV plants has two major advantages:

1. Reduction of regulation energy cost:
Inadequate prognoses of the solar electricity generation increase the demand on expansive regulation energy capacities. Therefore improved solar power forecasting contributes to minimizing regulation cost, which indirectly lowers electricity price.

2. Minimization of black-out risks:
Significant expansion of PV capacities in the last few years has led to an increasing risk of electricity blackout or network instability, in the absence of highly precise prognoses. P☼intSOLAR contributes substantially to the stability of electricity grids.

P☼intSOLARnow - actual power production for accounting or monitoring purposes:

On January 7th, 2011 the German grid authority requested that every grid operator develop an applicable procedure to enhance accounting for electricity generated from solar sources. This request was made especially for the majority of PV systems that do not have power measurement and are difficult to detect. Other countries are preparing or implementing similar legislation.

P☼intSOLARnow combines the high precision forecasting of P☼intSOLAR with more frequent updates of rapid prognoses to calculate actual radiation data. This procedure allows the calculation of the power generation of all PV systems in the forecast area as soon their position is known. These P☼intSOLARnow calculations can contribute significantly to greater transparency in European electricity markets.

Furthermore the P☼intSOLARnow output model is used to optimize the monitoring of solar systems. The system can instantly determine power failures, using a comparison of modelled and measured data. Thus P☼intSOLARnow facilitates maximization power generation for your PV system(s).

Further information: www.meteoblue.com