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Solar Innovations

#1 solar industry website for the online presentations of products and services

Innovative products and services are helping to make solar energy ever more affordable by increasing the efficiency of solar power systems, reducing costs and providing end-users with a more refined service.

Innovation excels by promotion. Through providing a platform for context-driven comparison of solar components, systems and services, SolarServer provides Solar Industry stakeholders with more sophisticated and rich content related advertising opportunities.

The new online platform “Solar Innovations” not only allows for communicating the benefits of efficient customer-focused solar technologies, but also for businesslike presentations of complex solutions.

“Solar Innovations” is prominently placed in Solar Server’s section “Inside companies,” and directly accessible from the homepage.

Micro-Websites on solarserver.com:
The online showcase for solar industry innovation

The new Micro-sites service from Solar Server offers solar companies the opportunity to present solutions to other solar professionals and end-users as well by convincing and visually appealing online displays.

Comprehensive text and illustrative options provide your company with a specific environment to promote your innovation.


Your Solar Sever Micro-site offers:

  • Up to 4,000 characters text, with links to your company website
  • Search Engine Optimized content
  • 4 pictures
  • Integration and archiving in the Solar Innovations category.


Your product, presented in the Solar Companies section (4,000 characters and 4 pictures), will also be featured by a prominently placed teaser on our high-traffic home page (20,000 ad impressions per month), directing over 3,000 potential buyers to your presentation in just two business days.


But that's not all:

  • The range of innovative product presentations and services demonstrates the performance of the industry and provides an overview of the latest solar industry trends.
  • Solar Server editors will select a "product of the week / month” that will be teased again on the homepage.
  • Your presentation is fully integrated and indexed through Solar Servers SEO strategy


The complete advertising package, including microsite and teaser, can be ordered for a fee of 500 Euro. Each additional presentation costs only 400 Euro.

Now is the time to present your new products and innovations, specifically before the Intersolar Europe and North America trade shows.

Book now!

Save the date for presenting your new products at Solar Innovation. We would be happy to receive your Micro-Site submissions. Just send an e-mail with the subject "Solar Innovations”: Send E-Mail

Or feel free to call: +49 7121 69 681-32