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Innovation excels by promotion. Through providing a platform for context-driven comparison of solar components, systems and services, SolarServer provides Solar Industry stakeholders with more sophisticated and rich content related advertising opportunities.

The new online platform “Solar Innovations” not only allows for communicating the benefits of efficient customer-focused solar technologies, but also for businesslike presentations of complex solutions. More information

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U.I. Lapp: OELFLEX Solar

OELFLEX® SOLAR XLR WP – the waterproof solar cable certified by TUV


If photovoltaic cables are exposed to wet conditions over a long period of time, this may have grave consequences. This is because, with standard solar cables, moisture can permeate a cable that has been lying in water for a long time. The moisture then reduces the performance and insulation resistance of the cable. This can then result in short circuits, which may in turn cause power failures or, in the worst case scenario, even damage to the systems. To overcome this problem, the Stuttgart-based Lapp Group presented a permanently waterproof solar cable at the Intersolar Europe 2015 exhibition. The cable in question is an electron beam cross-linked solar cable of type PV1-F in accordance with TUV 2PfG 1169/08.07 for durable and weather-resistant use in photovoltaic systems. Its optimised cable design and permanently high contact resistance mean that it will still function reliably even after years in damp environments or in water. Read more...

mVELO: World's smallest and most multifunctional solar charger for Li-Ion batteries of e-bikes and Pedelecs from almost all manufacturers


With mVELO the Berlin company Sunload has developed a unique portable charger for lithium-ion batteries for electric bikes. In combination with photovoltaic modules, mVELO becomes a mobile solar charger for the “Green Bike”. The compact, lightweight and intelligent "mVELO charger" by Sunload works additionally as a car battery (12 V) or as an AC outlet to a “charging station”, and due to its flexibility is also ideal for motor home, weekend cottage or at the office. Read more...

Planning via 3D visualization

New Software Helps Plan and Customise Photovoltaic Plants


Valentin Software GmbH, located in Berlin, will be presenting its new planning software PV*SOL premium at the world’s largest trade fair for the solar industry for the very first time. With a new intuitive user interface, PV*SOL premium will succeed the company’s simulation program PV*SOL Expert starting in June – it will help users plan and visualize solar power plants in detail. Read more...

Solar Channel


The Solar/Channel is the first real-time, mobile platform dedicated to the global solar market. By working with the most influential and important content providers within the industry, Solar/Channel ensures solar professionals, enthusiasts and the market as a whole stay fully updated on the very latest solar news, developments, opinions and social media as and when it happens. Read more...