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Solar Innovation 2015

OELFLEX® SOLAR XLR WP – the waterproof solar cable certified by TUV

The OELFLEX® SOLAR XLR WP is the reliable cable alternative for all areas in which cables are exposed to water or moisture for a long period of time – for example places which are liable to frequent flooding. This means that the cable is particularly well suited to being installed underground inside cable protection conduits – an environment in which water, heat and moisture readily accumulate.


The OELFLEX® SOLAR XLR WP impresses not only with its enhanced performance in water, but also with the certified high-quality electron beam cross-linking found in the OELFLEX® SOLAR range. The halogen-free, double insulated and networked solar cables are suitable for permanent use outdoors and can be connected to either earthed or unearthed photovoltaic systems. They are used for cabling between solar modules and for connecting individual rows of modules with an inverter.


The benefits for you:

  • Optimised cable design for permanently high contact resistance
  • Cable alternative for long periods of exposure to water (e.g. after flood or in protection cable conduit routed underground)
  • Weather-resistant cable for use in PV systems
  • Resistant to mechanical impacts


Application range:

  • Photovoltaic and solar systems
  • Direct routing in accordance with relevant laying guidelines
  • Underground installation in protection cable conduits in which water, heat and moisture readily accumulate
  • Cabling solar modules and connecting rows of modules with inverter
  • Gable and flat roof, flexible or building integrated photovoltaic systems

Further Information: http://www.lappkabel.com/