Sharp to Develop LCD and Solar Manufacturing Complex for the 21st Century


Sharp Corporation has been engaged in the manufacture of energy-saving LCD and energy-creating solar cells as the pillars of its business, with the goal of being an "environmentally advanced company." Now, the company has made the decision to build on the same site a new state-of-the-art LCD panel plant and solar cell plant for the mass production of thin-film solar cells in Sakai City (Osaka Prefecture). This project is being developed as a "manufacturing complex for the 21st century" that will incorporate relevant infrastructure and facilities, as well as attract material and production equipment manufacturers to construct plants on the same site. In addition to infrastructure-related facilities and production equipment manufacturers, a number of leading material manufacturers such as glass substrate and color filter makers will be invited to set up plants adjacent to Sharp's new LCD panel plant within this manufacturing complex. Shared infrastructure such as gas and electricity can provide for improved productivity. Read more...