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German market slump retarding solar thermal in Europe

European solar thermal market affected by strong decline in Germany’s heating equipment sales


After four years of very dynamic growth, the European solar thermal (ST) market registers a 10 % decrease in sales in 2007, the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF) reports in a press release. Many factors contributed to a 33% decline of Germany’s market. ESTIF urges policy makers to implement solar obligations to speed-up the market penetration of solar thermal. "We have seen very positive trends in some countries, but a dramatic decline in the German solar thermal market”, says Gerhard Rabensteiner, President of the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF). "For us, this means: We need to make the benefits of solar thermal clearer to the consumers. And we urge policy makers to put an end to stop-&-go support. The industry needs a stable support framework for solar thermal." Read more...

ISES President Prof. Monica Oliphant.

Monica Oliphant elected President of the International Solar Energy Society


The Board of Directors of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) has elected Monica Oliphant from Australia as the new President of the International Solar Energy Society for the term from 01 January 2008 through 31 December 2009. Mrs. Oliphant is the 25th President of the Society and is the successor of Torben Esbensen of Denmark. Two new Vice-Presidents were also elected within the new Executive Committee. Dr. David Renné of the USA will be the new VP for Scientific and Technical Affairs and Prof. Jan-Olof Dalenbäck from Sweden, and current Treasurer of ISES, will be the VP for Membership Affairs. Read more...

Nanosolar CEO Roscheisen presents thin film solar modules

PV producer Nanosolar shipping for solar Megawatt municipal power plant


Nanosolar Inc., a global leader in solar photovoltaic power innovation, and Beck Energy, a leading integrator of large-scale solar electric power systems, on December 19th 2007 announced that they have won a highly competitive public selection process for a solar power plant located on a former landfill owned by one of the largest waste management companies in Eastern Germany. The project will employ the Nanosolar "Utility Panel" in combination with systems technology and services by Beck Energy. The initial size of the solar power plant is one MW, an amount sufficient to power approximately 400 homes. The Nanosolar "Utility Panel" is Nanosolar's first product as part of its award-winning "PowerSheet" product line - recently named the Top Innovation of the Year 2007 by Popular Science Magazine - and it is the company's solution for building solar power plants on free fields at the outskirts of towns and cities. Read more...

PV Integration with modules by at Times Square, New York.

EPV SOLAR Inc. signs 306 MW contract for sale of solar modules


EPV SOLAR, Inc. (formerly Energy Photovoltaics, Inc.), a thin-film solar module manufacturer and technology developer headquartered in New Jersey (USA) announced on December 18th 2007 that it has entered into a long term solar module supply agreement with unlimited energy GmbH (Berlin, Germany). Under the terms of the contract EPV SOLAR will supply 306 megawatts (MW) of amorphous silicon modules to unlimited energy for use in the development and build-out of several solar electric power parks in Europe. EPV will begin shipments based on this contract during the first quarter of 2008. Read more...

aleo-PV production at Prenzlau.

German PV producer aleo solar AG secures solar market share in excess of EUR 45 million in Spain


aleo solar AG (Oldenburg/Prenzlau; Germany) announced that several Spanish project developers have ordered aleo photovoltaic modules worth a total of over EUR 45 million. Their large-scale projects will mainly involve solar power plants, which attract high feed-in tariffs in Spain. The orders will enable aleo solar AG to expand its customer base, which already includes several large Spanish energy companies, aloe reports in a press release. These orders are the result of the high demand for solar modules which will be triggered by the one-year grace period specified by the "Real Decreto 661/2007", which means that the old feed-in tariff regulations will only apply until September 29, 2008. Read more...

Solar PV Plant Beneixama (Spain; 20 MW).

EPIA: Global Solar Photovoltaic market estimated at 2.3 GWp in 2007


The global photovoltaic market grew by over 40% this year, with approximately 2.3 GW of newly installed capacity, the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) reports in a press release. By 2010, the market die to EPIA could reach up to 7 GW under an EPIA policy driven scenario. Solar photovoltaic electricity generation is expected to be competitive with the electricity prices of utilities in Southern Europe by 2015. EPIA presented its first 2007 market estimates and short term projections for market and production on December 14th 2007, on the occasion of its annual Christmas workshop with its members. Today, the global cumulative installed capacity has reached 9 GWp, this is enough capacity to supply the annual electricity demand of 3 million European households. Read more...


USA: New EIA Outlook Reflects Ongoing Transition in Energy Markets and Renweables


The "Annual Energy Outlook 2008" (AEO2008) reference case, released on December 12th 2007 by the Energy Information Administration (EIA), of the U.S. Department of Energy includes several important changes from earlier AEOs to better reflect trends in the economy and energy markets that are expected to persist. Energy markets are changing in response to the higher energy prices experienced since2000, the greater influence of developing countries on world-wide energy requirements, recently enacted legislation and regulations in the United States, and changing public views related to the use of alternative fuels, emissions, and the acceptability of various energy technologies, among other factors. Read more...

aleo solar module production at Prenzlau.

PV producer aleo solar signs contracts in Germany worth more than EUR 25 million


aleo solar AG (Oldenburg, Prenzlau, Germany) reports firm solar photovoltaic orders for 2008 in Germany of more than EUR 25 million. The relevant contracts for aleo modules were signed with a number of PV dealers, fitters and solar technology specialists in December and will take effect in 2008, aloe emphasizes in a press release. Business is booming according to Norbert Schlesiger, Sales Manager for Germany. "There is strong demand for our premium modules, especially on the German market for roof-mounted installations. This is a very good start to 2008 for us. New orders for system components such as inverters and mounting systems are also up sharply", he said. Read more...

LDK-Production site in Jiangxi (China).

Q-Cells concludes new supply agreement with LDK: Chinese company delivers silicon wafers with a total output of more than 6 GWp


Q-Cells AG (Bitterfeld, Germany), manufacturer of photovoltaic solar cells, has concluded a supply agreement for silicon wafers with the Chinese solar company LDK Solar Co., Ltd. The agreement is a ten year "take or pay" contract covering the period from 2009 to 2018, Q-Cells reports in a press release. The total volume will enable Q-Cells to manufacture solar cells with an overall output of more than 6 gigawatt peak (GWp) additional to current expansion plans. The agreement is based upon the conversion of silicon (43,000 tonnes) into wafers. Deliveries will start with 1,000 tonnes in 2009 and will rise to 5,000 tonnes p.a. by 2013. LDK shall supply the silicon from their current polysilicon plant being constructed or from volumes which will be covered by LDK’s other supply sources. Read more...

"A benchmark in technological development"

BP Solar to build one of the largest PV module assembly factories in Europe


BP Solar, a European market leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of photovoltaic solar energy, in the second quarter of 2008 will begin construction of a solar photovoltaic panel assembly factory in the industrial park of La Nava II, in Puertollano (Castilla La Mancha; Spain). This represents an investment of around 100m Euros, the company reports in a press release. The new plant will use state-of-the-art technology to manufacture photovoltaic solar modules. The production capacity, in phase one, would be up to 300 MW per year, which means enough energy to meet the needs of between 150,000 and 200,000 homes and a saving of approximately 420,000 tons in CO2 emissions per year. A further possibility, once the phase one is in production and dependent on the conditions of the market, is the implementation of a second phase expansion of the plant to reach production capacity of up to 500 MW. Read more...

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