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Solar thermal parabolic trough power plant.

Clean Power from Deserts: Prince Hassan bin Talal of Jordan presents White Paper to European Parliament


The Former President of The Club of Rome, His Royal Highness Prince Hassan bin Talal of Jordan, will present the White Paper "Clean Power from Deserts - The DESERTEC Concept for Energy, Water and Climate Security" to members of the European Parliament and hand it over to its President, Hans-Gert Prof. Pöttering, in Brussels on November 28th. The paper describes the vast potentials of deserts to supply secure, clean and cheap power to Europe, the Middle East and North Africa (EU-MENA). The authors of the White Paper are proposing a solar co-operation between the technology belt and the sun-belt, between Europe and the MENA region, to fight climate change "in a way that is economically, technically and politically feasible". Read more...

EREC welcomes Strategic Energy Technology Plan but criticizes focus on electricity


The European Renewable Energy Council (EREC) welcomes the Strategic Energy Technology Plan released on 22nd of November 2007 by the European Commission. "Research is vital for the development of new, cheaper and more efficient technologies. The faster the costs of renewable energy are reduced, the better we can fight global warming and increase the security of our energy supply. The industry is prepared for this challenge", says Oliver Schäfer, Policy Director of EREC. "We therefore welcome the respective European Wind, Solar, Bioenergy and Smart Grids Initiatives aimed at mobilizing the critical mass of activities and actors in the renewable energy sector", Schäfer added. Read more...

Worldwatch survey: China to pass solar and wind manufacturing world leaders in Europe, Japan and North America in 2010


Beijing-based researcher Eric Martinot, a Worldwatch senior fellow, and Li Junfeng, Vice Chair of China’s Renewable Energy Society in Beijing, examined China's progress in becoming a global leader in renewable energy. With the breakneck expansion of China’s economy and its reliance on coal, the country grapples with the far-reaching environmental, security, and social implications of its growth. A combination of ambitious targets supported by strong government policies and the manufacturing prowess of the Chinese may enable China to "leapfrog" so-called industrialized nations in renewable technology in the years immediately ahead, so the conclusion of the Worldwatch Institute's report "Powering China's Development: The Role of Renewable Energy". Read more...

Solar tracking system "SOLON Mover".

SOLON AG receives major order from Italy


SOLON AG, headquartered in Berlin and one of Europe's largest manufacturers of solar modules and photovoltaic systems, has been awarded a contract to construct several large-scale solar photovoltaic power plants in Italy. The projects will be carried out by SOLON's Italian subsidiary, S.E. Project s.r.l. on behalf of Veronagest S.A., a company located in Verona, Italy, whose projects focus on the development, implementation, and operation of power plants using renewable resources in Italy and other European countries. The agreement covers turnkey construction of several solar power plants in the southern Italian region of Puglia: one 2.4 MW plant by the end of 2008 and five additional plants with nominal capacities of 10 MW each in 2008 and 2009. Read more...

Bank Sarasin forecasts undamped growth of solar industry.

Sarasin Survey: Solar power will be cheaper than conventional energy in 10 years’ time


Solar energy’s CO2 abatement costs will sink to almost zero by 2018, making it cheaper than conventional forms of electricity or heat. As Bank Sarasin & Co. Ltd calculates in its latest annual update on the solar industry – the fifth report in the series – solar energy could save approximately three gigatons of carbon dioxide by 2030. At the same time, photovoltaic (PV) cell production continues to boom, up 44 % on last year, when performance was already very strong. Bank Sarasin forecasts annual growth rates of 50 % for PV for the rest of the decade. To provide investors with access to this attractive growth market, Bank Sarasin launches the new index "Sarasin European Solar Power ". Read more...

PV tracking system SOLON-Mover, henceforth in Australia.

First Australian photovoltaic contract for SOLON AG


Berlin-based SOLON AG, working in collaboration with local partner CBD Energy Ltd., is to install its first solar electric power station in Australia. SOLON AG holds a 19 percent share in the Australian company. As CBD Energy reported today, the project is being subsidized by the Australian Ministry for Industry to the tune of AUD 20 million. The overall investment is AUD 60 million. The Hunter Valley solar PV park will be constructed in Port Stephens in New South Wales. Read more...

BIPV roofing system by Solar Integrated.

Solar Integrated wins U.S. $6.6 Million order for largest solar roofing project in France


Solar Integrated Technologies, Inc. (Los Angeles, California), a provider of building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) roofing systems, announced on November 15th that it has won a U.S. $6.6 million order for a BIPV roofing system to be owned and operated by Akuo Energy, a rewewable energy project developer. The BIPV system will be installed at a logistics facility currently under construction in Southern France. The BIPV project is being managed by Urbasolar, a turn-key PV engineering company based in Montpellier, which is the authorised distributor and partner of Solar Integrated in France. The project, planned for completion in 2008, is expected to be the largest BIPV roofing system in France. Read more...

Applied SunFab: production line for thin film modules

XinAo to enter solar PV market with contract for Applied Materials' "SunFab" Thin Film Line


XinAo Group (Heibei; China) announced its entry into the solar electric energy market with its plan to establish China's leading photovoltaic (PV) module production line. As part of this strategy, XinAo has signed a contract with Applied Materials, Inc. for an Applied "SunFab" Thin Film production line with state-of-the-art PV technology using 5.7 m2 glass substrates. With an optional tandem junction upgrade, the line will be capable of producing modules to generate more than 50 MW of electricity, as the first phase of a planned 500 MW capacity plant in China. Read more...

Solarfeld mit Kollektoren von Ausra.

PG&E and Ausra Announce 177 Megawatt Solar Thermal Power Agreement


Pacific Gas and Electric Company (SAN FRANCISCO, California) on November 5th 2007 announced that it has entered into a 177 megawatt solar thermal power purchasing agreement with Ausra Inc. (Palo Alto, CA ). The 177 MW project, to be located in central California, is being developed by Ausra Inc., the company reports in press release. "Today's agreement between PG&E and Ausra highlights how clean energy will create jobs in California while delivering a reliable source of renewable energy," said Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Read more...

Suntech Supplies Solar PV Modules to 3 MW Project in South Korea


Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd. manufacturer of photovoltaic (PV) cells and modules, on Nov. 9th 2007 announced the completion of the first stage of a 3MW solar energy system for WEPCO (Korea Western Power Co., Ltd.). WEPCO is a subsidiary of KEPCO (Korea Electric Power Corporation), South Korea's largest power company. The opening ceremony for the initial 2MW installation of WEPCO’s new solar energy system was celebrated in Samryangjin, South Korea on November 6th, 2007. Power and Industrial Systems Performance Group of Hyosung Corporation, a leading energy solution provider in South Korea, designed, managed and installed the solar energy system. Suntech will deliver a further 1MW of PV modules to be installed in the second phase of the project in early 2008. Read more...

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