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Photovoltaic produktion of aleo solar in Spain.

aleo solar AG signs solar module contract worth over EUR 30 million


German aleo solar AG (Oldenburg/Prenzlau) on October 23rd announced that it has signed a supply and cooperation agreement with a+f GmbH. a+f GmbH is a subsidiary of the GILDEMEISTER technology group, the world's leading manufacturer of metal-cutting machine tools. a+f GmbH launched its SunCarrier on the market in 2006. The SunCarrier is a sun-tracking carrier system for solar modules. a+f GmbH needs solar modules to equip its SunCarriers for several large projects in southern Europe, aloe solar reports in a press release. The company had chosen aleo solar as its supply and cooperation partner for these projects. aleo solar will provide its high-quality solar modules under the terms of a supply contract worth over EUR 30 million. Read more...

T20 Tracker to Debut in Europe.

SunPower to Build 18-Megawatt Solar Power Plant in Spain


SunPower Corp., a Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of high-efficiency solar cells, solar panels and solar systems, on October 16th announced that its Spanish subsidiary will design and construct an 18-megawatt solar electric power plant near Olivenza in the Badajoz region of Spain. Olivenza is expected to generate more than 32 million kilowatt-hours of power per year upon completion, SunPower announces in a press release. SunPower will debut its proprietary SunPower "T20 Tracker" solar tracking system in Europe at the 70-hectare site. The Tracker follows the sun as it moves across the sky, delivering up to 30 percent more energy than fixed-tilt systems while reducing installation cost per kilowatt. Read more...

SOLON AG increases shareholding in Austrian solar-cell manufacturer Blue Chip Energy GmbH


Berlin-based SOLON AG für Solartechnik is increasing its shareholding in the solar-cell manufacturer Blue Chip Energy GmbH (Güssing, eastern Austria) from 19 percent to 47 percent. It will acquire the additional shares by way of a non-cash capital increase by issuing 327,000 shares in SOLON AG. Once this capital increase has been entered in the commercial register, SOLON AG's share capital will increase to EUR 12,203,196.00 or the equal amount of shares, the company reports in a press release. Read more...

New IEA-report on photovoltaics.

IEA on trends in photovoltaic applications: production of solar PV cells increased by 27 %


In 2006 solar PV cells with a capacity of 1,900 megawatt (MW) were produced in the 21 countries belonging to the independent task force "Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme" (PVPS) of the International Energy Agency (IEA). The IEA Survey report selected for 2006 was published in October 2007 and resumes the development of the international photovoltaic industry. Due to IEA the production of solar cells in 2006 grew by 27 % compared to 2005. Read more...

arc furnace for silicon production.

Solarvalue AG to launch mass production in the first term of 2008


In the first term of 2008, Berlin-based Solarvalue AG intends to start production of industrial quantities of high-grade silicon out of metallurgical silicon. Compared with the current standard methods, the company plans to manufacture solar silicon at a lower cost. In 2007, Solarvalue Proizvodnja d.d. bought a calcium carbide production facility in Ruse, Slovenia for production of high grade silicon. The reason for buying the facility was the existing infrastructure which, combined with the option of taking over experts and specialist staff already in place, allowed production to start faster and more cheaply than if a "greenfield site" had been chosen. Converting the former calcium carbide manufacturing plant for the manufacture of solar silicon, the company is using all opportunities to optimize production, Solarvalue emphasizes in a press release. Read more...

Share of big PV plants worldwide (Sept 2007).

Solar Power: More than 130 MW new PV capacity installed from July to September


Caused by the dynamic of the world wide photovoltaic market, especially the solar PV market in Spain, the last months may be described as a summer of superlatives. This is being reported by the internet portal site With the solar PV park Beneixama (Spain; 20 MW) the world's biggest PV plant was finished. The solar PV plant at Göttelborn (Germany) had been expanded up to 8,4 MW an now is the third biggest PV plant worldwide. The cumulated PV capacity of plants (only those with a capacity bigger than 200 kWp) that were connected to the grid within the past three months is estimated above 130 MW by pvresources. Due to investigations of more than 60 of such big plants were completed all around the world. Read more...

Photovoltaic industry proposes a voluntary take-back system for waste


The 4th EPIA Round-table in a cycle of 6 debates, running until December 2007, focused on waste and recycling in the photovoltaic sector. The round table event highlighted the PV sector’s initiative to establish a voluntary take-back system for photovoltaic products and at the same time urged the European Commission not to include photovoltaic in the EC directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), currently under revision. Photovoltaic (PV) products are at present not included in the WEEE directive, but the directive is under revision and a possible inclusion of new products will be presented during 2008, the European Photovoltaic Industry Association reports in a press release. Read more...

Sustainable Energy Awards Europe: Deadline for Applications extended until October 31st


Based on the success of the Sustainable Energy Europe Awards Competition 2007, the Deadline for Applications of the second edition of this competition has now been extended until October 31st. The awards are an integral part of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign. They provide an invaluable opportunity to highlight the successes of the most outstanding, ambitious and innovative programmes or actions in the field of sustainable energy and to reward those Partners of the Campaign most worthy of recognition and praise. The Sustainable Energy Europe Awards Competition 2008 is open to all partners who have joined the SEE Campaign. As a partner, the promoter of the project is then eligible to participate in the Awards Competition and should apply no later than October 31st 2007. Read more...

PV Market in Spain growing rapid.

Exploding Spanish PV market interesting for international investors


The Spanish PV market is growing so fast, by at least 100 % in 2007, that the official goal in the Renewable Energy Plan for 2005-2010 (PER) of 400 MW will be reached by the end of this year,, the independent global marketplace for photovoltaic solar energy reports in a press release. Last week, Spain’s Department of Industry sent a proposal to the National Energy Commission to raise the target from 400 MW up to 1200 MW and to reduce the feed-in tariff for solar electricity. In September 2007, the 85 % mark of this 400 MW objective was reached. PV developers will now have until the end of September 2008 to get their projects connected to the grid in order to make use of the current feed-in tariff of 44 eurocents per kilowatt hour of solar electricity fed into the grid. Read more...

World Wind Energy Conference 2007 in Argentina.

World Wind Energy Award 2007 goes to Government of Brazil for Proinfa Programme


On the occasion of the 6th World Wind Energy Conference 2007 in Mar del Plata, Argentina, the Board of the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) has decided to give the World Wind Energy Award 2007 to Brazil for the successful creation and implementation of the Renewable Energy Incentive Programme Proinfa which boosted the development of wind energy utilisation in Brazil. Read more...

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