Portugal: OLVA Photovoltaic Plant (2.4 MWp) finished

2.4 MW solar electric plant near Mértola (Portugal)
2.4 MW solar electric plant near Mértola (Portugal)

Jayme da Costa, Mecânica e Electricidade, S.A. announces the final commissioning of the Olva Photovoltaic (PV) Plant with an installed peak power of 2.380 kWp. This plant, consisting of 14.870 PV modules, is located near the town of Mértola, in the south of Portugal. The plant on a global area of approx. 60.000 m2 (6 ha) had its first grid connection back in April 2008, and has been working partially since then. From now on, the plant will operate at full operational power, Jayme da Costa reports in a press release. The Olva PV plant is a project developed and commissioned by Jayme da Costa, for a company named Central Fotovoltaica de Sol Poente, Lda.

This project initiated its licensing back in 2003, now entering in the active phase of electrical solar energy generation.


3.800 MWh solar yield to avoid 2.700 tones of CO2 equivalent

The solar electricity produced by OLVA PV plant due to Jayme da Costa (3.800 MWh / year) will be sufficient for the annual supply of approximately 980 homes. Furthermore, this project will allow avoiding the annual emission of approx. 2.700 tones of CO2 equivalent. This way, the Olva PV plant shall contribute with its activity for the Portuguese national purpose of greenhouse gas reduction from energy production, as agreed in the Kyoto protocol.


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