Suntech to deliver 3 MW of integrated solar systems to World Expo Shanghai 2010

Suntech Headquarters in Wuxi, China.
Suntech Headquarters in Wuxi, China.

Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd., one of the world's leading solar energy companies, announced in a press release that it has won a bid to supply, design and install building integrated photovoltaic systems (BIPV) with a total capacity of 3 MW on the China and Theme Pavilions at the World Expo Shanghai 2010. The projects due to Suntech will be the largest BIPV installations in China and are scheduled to be completed by September 2009.

Centered on the theme "Better city, better life", the Expo will explore global initiatives that enable sustainable urban development. The China and Theme Pavilions which will be developed by Shenergy Group, one of Shanghai's leading energy companies, will emphasize the importance of urban harmony with the natural environment, including the sustainable use of natural resources such as water and sunlight. The 3MW building integrated rooftop solar systems will be designed, developed and installed by Suntech's in-house system integration team, the company reports in the press release. World Expo Shanghai 2010 will be held from May 1 - October 31, 2010 in Shanghai, China.



"Building integrated solar systems, which turn common building materials such as rooftops and facades into power generators, are a logical step for the evolution of the urban environment. Our selection underscores Suntech's position as a global brand and world leader in the solar industry as well as our leading system integration capability in China. We are honored to display China's technological expertise in renewable energy to the world at the Expo", said Dr. Zhengrong Shi, Suntech's Chairman and CEO.


Suntech expects rapid growth of the Chinese solar market in the next few years

The sustainable theme of the Expo echoes China's broader commitment to renewable energy solutions, Suntech reports in the press release. As part of its Renewable Energy Law in 2005, China established a target to generate 15 % of its total electricity from renewable energy sources by 2020. China plans to invest 180 billion Dollars in renewable energy over a 15-year period, fostering the emergence of renewable energy and sustainable development, including solar, wind, hydropower and biomass. "Showcasing two of the world's largest building integrated solar systems at the World Expo Shanghai 2010 indicates China's growing recognition of solar's ability to play a key role in renewable energy generation and sustainable urban development. With China's clear commitment to increasing adoption of renewable energy solutions, we are confident that the Chinese solar market will experience rapid growth in the next few years", Zhengrong Shi continued.


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