PVflex to obtain IEC 61646 and 61730 certification for flexible CIGS solar modules

PVflex CIGS solar modules for building-integrated photovoltaics
PVflex CIGS solar modules for building-integrated photovoltaics

German PVflex Solar GmbH (Fürstenwalde, Brandenburg), a specialist in highly flexible copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) solar modules for building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), concluded comprehensive field tests on flat roofs and is the first European supplier to obtain IEC 61646 and 61730 certification. The successful completion of the field tests and IEC certification represent a milestone for the CIGS industry, the company emphasizes. "PVflex’s flexible lamination opens up entirely new possibilities for the deployment of CIGS cells, marking the beginning of a new chapter for building-integrated photovoltaics in terms of effectiveness, cost and system economics", the company announces.


PV for industrial and commercial rooftops

PVflex developed its modules in close cooperation with leading manufacturers of roofing materials. The result is an extremely practical product which can be installed on industrial and commercial rooftops using adhesive alone. In terms of cost, the flexible modules are fully competitive with existing rigid lamination solutions behind glass, PVflex accentuates. They also support entirely new solutions to meet the tremendous global demand for building-integrated photovoltaics.


Special barrier technology protects sensitive CIGS solar cells

PVflex developed its own solution for the flexible lamination of CIGS solar cells over a period of four years. The solution has been patented. It is made possible by the specially developed barrier technology, which protects the sensitive CIGS solar cells against water and water vapor over the long term. Instead of expensive, delicate high-barrier films, PVflex uses competitively priced films that are already established in the market.


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