78 MW of the world’s largest solar photovoltaic plant connected to grid in Senftenberg, Germany

Senftenberg solar parks, Germany
Senftenberg solar parks, Germany

On September 24th, 2011 the Prime Minister of the German state of Brandenburg opened the 78 megawatt (MW) part of a PV plant completed by Berlin based project developer and EPC saferay GmbH on September 24. The ground based PV plant is designed for a total capacity of 148 MW. The plant is located on former open-pit mining areas close to the city of Senftenberg, Eastern Germany.

Saferay’s 78 MW plant has been completed within just three months and generates power for about 25,000 households, the project developer emphasizes.


330,000 crystalline PV modules, 62 central inverter stations

The plant consists of 330,000 crystalline solar modules and 62 central inverter stations. The overall complex also includes a 70 MW plant which shares a common infrastructure with Saferay’s plant and an 18 MW plant, which was already completed last year, bringing the total installed capacity of the complex to 166 MWp.


3 German banks financed the EUR 150 million project

The EUR 150 million investment for the 78 MW plant was financed by three German banks. Saferay itself operates and owns two thirds of the project and was responsible for its financial structuring.


New standards in the building of large PV installations

The team of saferay is specialized in the planning, construction, financing and operation of large photovoltaic systems and has already built several of the world’s largest plants.

“The realization of the solar park Senftenberg II and III within three months in cooperation with our highly efficient partner companies has set new standards in the building of large PV installations”, says project manager Juan Fernandez.


Managing director Marko Schulz: plant is able to generate solar electricity at lower cost than, e.g., offshore wind power

Managing director Marko Schulz adds: “This project shows that large-scale photovoltaic systems can be completed much faster than any other type of power plant. Despite its location in not-always-sunny Germany, the plant is able to generate power at lower cost than, e.g., offshore wind power.“

Brandenburg’s Prime Minister Matthias Platzeck emphasized: “Utility scale PV projects like this one play an important role in securing Germany’s energy supply and speed up the country’s transformation to renewable energies.”

Berlin-based unlimited energy has developed the project with a particular focus on preserving nature and its habitat: "We preserved large areas of land between the installations to develop breeding space for birds and other animals alike," says Torsten Käsch, managing director of unlimited energy.



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