OTTI e.V. organizes conference on grid integration for renewable energies in Berlin: International experts discuss the change in German energy policy

The East Bavarian Technology-Transfer-Institute (OTTI) is organizing the Fifth International Conference on Grid Integration for Renewable Energies.

For the first time, the event will take place in the country making a major change in its energy policy: Germany. From 4th to 6th December in Berlin, international experts from 17 countries will be discussing the change in Germany’s energy policy and the transformation of the grid. Also experts will be comparing it with scenarios in other countries. The organizer expects 300 to 500 participants.

Pilot projects of Smart Grids to be presented

In addition to covering the basic political conditions, the conference will focus on the technological challenges of grid integration. In further plenary sessions, international experts will be presenting pilot projects of intelligent power grids (so called Smart Grids) in model regions, future scenarios in which renewable energies takes up to 80 per cent of energy provision as well as new standards and testing methods.

All Participants at One Table
“The German goals for climate change can only be attained when the energy supply itself is transformed,” says the conference chair Philipp Strauß from the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy Systems Technology.

“With this, the Fifth Integration Conference, we are thinking outside the box and have brought all the participants from the energy sector to the table for the first time.”
Among the contributors count, in addition to energy providers, politicians and plant operators, representatives from energy agencies, the European Commission as well as research and testing institutes from Europe, Asia, Australia and America. With panel discussions, short presentations, workshops and accompanying exhibitions, the organizer has created additional platforms for participants to exchange experience across international borders.

2012-09-03 | Courtesy: OTTI e.V. | © Heindl Server GmbH

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