Tindo Solar opens PV factory in South Australia

Australian PM Gillard at the opening of the factory
Australian PM Gillard at the opening of the factory

Tindo Solar Pty Ltd. (Mawson Lakes, Australia) has opened a solar photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturing facility in Adelaide, South Australia, as the nation's only PV module factory.

The plant has the capacity to produce 60 MW of PV modules annually, and will produce AC modules, complete with micro-inverter technology. The plant's opening was attended by Australian PM Julia Gillard.

"Myth number one: that there’s really nothing that we can do in the face of climate change; that there’s no action that we can take," stated PM Gillard. "Well we can act and we have acted as a nation by putting a price on carbon and consequently forever changing the economic equation about where we get our power from."

"And that means having changed that economic equation, that there are plenty of opportunities for clean energy businesses to come along and to fill that growing need."

"And the other myth that’s been busted is that we are a country that can’t manufacture anymore. That can’t see new manufacturing enterprises; that we can’t compete. And yes, competing is tough and it’s hard and we are never going to roll out manufacturing the way countries with a lower cost environment roll it out."


Automation noted

PM Gillard noted the high degree of automation at the plant, stating that while it is not possible to compete with China and Indonesia on wages, Australia's future is going to be based on a high skill, high wage, innovation-based economy.

Gillard also suggested that the Australian government is considering trade action to ensure that inexpensive imports do not destroy Tindo Solar's business.


Previous PV manufacturers failed

A series of previous PV manufacturers in the nation have failed. Now-defunct BP Solar (Madrid, Spain) had shut down its PV cell and module manufacturing facility in Homebush in March 2009, after which Silex Solar (Homebush, Australia) purchased the plant.

Silex Solar began production after completing certification in February 2010, however it closed the plant permanently in May 2012, citing pressure from Chinese imports.  



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