German solar thermal market falls 11% by collector area in 2013

The German solar thermal market has fallen to its lowest level of installations since 2007
The German solar thermal market has fallen to its lowest level of installations since 2007

Germany's solar thermal market declined again in 2013, with only 1.02 million square meters of collector area installed, according to the German Solar Industry Association (BSW-Solar). This represents an 11% decrease on the collector area installed in 2012, as the lowest level since 2007.

This brings the cumulative installed collector are to 17.5 million square meters, a tripling of the 5.1 million square meters of collector area in the nation in 2003. However, BSW-Solar and the Industrial Association of German Household, Energy and Environmental Technology (BDH) warn that this pace of modernization is not sufficient to achieve policy objectives.

"Without a transition in heating there can be no successful Energy Transition,” explains BDH Chief Executive Andreas Lücke. “The building sector is the largest energy consumption sector in Germany.”

“Were we to accelerate modernization of the largely outdated investment portfolio, German energy consumption could be reduced 13 percent. We rely on the dual strategy of efficiency and renewable energy.”

As in previous years, flat-plate collectors dominate the market, with evacuated tube systems making up only 11% of collector area. 40% of heating systems combine water heating and space heating.


Solar thermal process heat growing

BSW-Solar states that despite the overall solar thermal market decline, a market for solar process heat is rapidly developing, supported by prioritization in government funding.

The German government provides grants of up to EUR 2,000 (USD 2,800) are available to promote home solar thermal systems, and grants of up to 50% of investment are available for solar process heat.


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