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AVACO announces orders for thin-film solar PV production lines in the U.S. and China

AVACO specializes in equipment for thin-film PV manufacturing
AVACO specializes in equipment for thin-film PV manufacturing

AVACO (Daegu, South Korea) reports that it has received an order for a new solar photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing line to be delivered in the United States. Once modules from this line are qualified, the company says that it will supply more lines for Chinese manufacturing.

AVACO declined to comment on the customer, the technology or the value of the deal, however the company specializes in sputtering vacuum deposition equipment and atomic layer deposition equipment for thin-film PV production.

“We are pleased with our market expansion in the U.S./China PV industry,” said AVACO Business Development Director Chuck Kim.

“New market entrance with our core technology further strengthens and broadens our offering of core competency, enabling AVACO to continue to serve our customers with innovative and leading-edge technology solutions for thin film manufacturing challenges.”


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