Conergy invests in expansion of UK rooftop PV offers

Solar PV rooftop at the Jaguar Land Rover plant in Coventry
Solar PV rooftop at the Jaguar Land Rover plant in Coventry

Conergy, one of the world’s largest solar companies, on February 18th, 2015 announced an expansion of its UK rooftops offer, pointing out that Europe’s biggest solar photovoltaic (PV) market is diversifying away from solar farms, which dominated installations in 2014.

“Today we’re announcing Conergy's commitment to invest in the scale up of solar rooftops across the UK,” said Robert Goss, MD Conergy UK & Ireland.

Conergy, already one of the top five builders of solar farms in Britain, has sought out and secured senior executives from some of the biggest names in real estate and energy management as it looks to cement its place in the fast-developing rooftop segment, the company emphasizes in a press release.

Starting immediately, Conergy UK will have two divisions, the first focused on solar farms, which will be led by long-time Conergy executive Birgit Eggl, and the second, the expanded rooftops division, led by Paul Weaver.

Paul has joined Conergy from London-listed infrastructure multinational Balfour Beatty plc., where he was Head of Energy, responsible for both public and private sector renewable energy developments, including approximately 5,000 social housing units.

Joining Paul Weaver in the rooftops division as business development manager is Christelle Lawson, formerly sales manager at Kingspan Energy, where she was responsible for commercial roof-mounted systems in the South East of England. Christelle has been responsible for over 200 rooftop installations in her career.

Senior engineer Nena Kogiou completes the rooftops team. She joined Conergy in February last year from Renewable Resources, where she was head of engineering for the UK installer’s Northern office. To date, she has designed and implemented solutions for 30 MW of rooftops.

“Conergy will start bringing new capital to the market, which we will invest strategically, in new and scalable business models. This will give us a strong position across all market segments in the UK, alongside our long-standing leadership in solar farms,” Goss continues.

Paul Weaver, Director of Rooftops, Conergy UK, added: “There’s a rooftop solar solution for everyone in Britain whether you’re a tenant or a property owner, you’re in the north or the south, or in the public or private sector. Make no mistake, rooftop solar is going to happen in a big way in Britain.”


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