Waaree launches 30 MW “Sunbless” solar PV park in Maharashtra, India

Waaree reference PV plant
Waaree reference PV plant

Waaree Energies Limited (Mumbai, India) on August 7th, 2015 announced the launch of its first “plug and play” solar PV park in India.

The 150-acre “Sunbless Solar Park” turn-key project at Murtizapur, near Akola, Maharashtra, has a capacity of up to 30 MW.

Presently, a 5 MW project is under construction and is set to be commissioned by September 2015.

“Commissioning a solar project within the deadline is critical for its profitability,” comments Hitesh Doshi, Waaree’s Chairman and Managing Director.

"At times our clients have faced challenges with land acquisition and securing evacuation facilities. Waaree's Sunbless Solar Park will mitigate such risks for our clients and significantly reduce the lead time from concept to commissioning."


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