International Solar Energy Society joins IEA solar heating and cooling programme

ISES headquarters in Freiburg, Germany. The Society strives for 100% renewable energy
ISES headquarters in Freiburg, Germany. The Society strives for 100% renewable energy

The IEA SHC Programme welcomes the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) as its newest sponsor member.

This development offers expanded opportunities for ISES members to participate in technical activities under the IEA SHC, and places ISES at the IEA SHC table as a member of its Executive Committee.

Several ISES members and Board of Directors participate in, and have been active in IEA SHC Tasks. For the past ten years, ISES President Dr. Dave Renné has been serving as the Operating Agent for IEA SHC’s two solar resource assessment Tasks.

As many as 80 solar resource experts from 17 countries around the world have been coming together to work on these tasks, and many important publications, seminars, handbooks, and conference presentations that advance the state of science in solar resource assessments and forecasting methodologies to support the solar industry have been produced.

Task participants, such as Dr. Richard Perez of the State University of New York, this year’s ISES Farrington Daniels Award recipient, are well-known world experts in this field.

“We look forward to a fruitful and successful partnership with the IEA SHC Programme,” remarks Jenny McIntosh, ISES Head of Secretariat and an IEA SHC ExCo member.


ISES strives for 100% renewable energy

As a Sponsor of the IEA SHC Programme, members of ISES have a mechanism to participate in a Task within the Programme. ISES strives for 100% renewable energy for everyone used wisely and efficiently.

It is the longest standing solar organization in the world, with its roots dating back to 1954. In 1963 ISES became accredited with the United Nations and has been working with UN entities and programs since, taking part in important events like the UNFCCC Climate Change Conferences and the UN Commission on Sustainable Development meetings.

The Society provides objective, scientific advice to governments and the public at a global level. ISES’ strong research and academic foundations bring credibility to its advise on technical and policy issues related towards achieving 100% renewable energy worldwide.

ISES has a track record of strongly supporting the solar industry, helping shape public opinion through education and outreach activities and providing informed comment on global issues.


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