Ciel & Terre and D3 Energy install a 31.5 kWp floating solar PV system in Orlando, Florida

The Hydrelio floating array is composed of 100 crystalline PV panels
The Hydrelio floating array is composed of 100 crystalline PV panels

Ciel & Terre (Lille, France) and D3 Energy LLC (Houston, TX, U.S.) in February 2017 celebrated the completion of their first full-fledged U.S. project in partnership with the Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC).

The inauguration ceremony announces the largest floating solar photovoltaic system in Florida to date.

Unlike other states, Florida has an annual average of 230 days of sunshine inherently dubbing it as The Sunshine State. With all that sunlight, the only thing missing was a more efficient alternative means to harness and reuse this powerful source of energy, the partners note.


100 floating PV panels will generate up to 51,000 kWh of solar power per year

Florida is a prime location within the U.S. to install Ciel & Terre’s patented large-scale floating PV technology known as “Hydrelio”.

The Hydrelio floating array is composed of 100 crystalline photovoltaic (PV) panels and will generate up to 51,000 kWh of solar power per year.

Like Ciel & Terre’s other projects, Hydrelio will allow standard solar PV panels to be installed on man-made bodies of water such as industrial reservoirs, storm water retention areas, dams or irrigation ponds.

In this case, Hydrelio was installed on a storm water storage reservoir located at OUC’s Gardenia facility.

OUC was the first utility in Central Florida to build a large solar farm and was one of the first in the nation to offer community solar where its customers can buy a piece of an array on the same Gardenia campus. The electricity produced with Hydrelio will serve some of OUC’s own electrical usage on-site, or put back up into the grid.


Project to be used to promote more floating PV systems

As the first floating array of its size in Florida, OUC will use this project as a benchmark in order to promote more efficient ways to deploy floating PV systems designed by Ciel & Terre at other reservoirs throughout OUC’s service area.

A nearly 13 megawatt solar array is under construction now at OUC’s Stanton Energy Center where OUC also utilizes methane gas from the Orange County landfill to offset coal.

With more than 60 MWp of solar PV power production currently utilizing the Hydrelio system, Ciel & Terre will expand to 130 MWp of floating solar by the end of 2017, the company announces.


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