Equis Energy to expand into Australia with two 100 MW solar PV projects

An artist's impression of the 100 MW solar PV plant to be built in Tailem Bend
An artist's impression of the 100 MW solar PV plant to be built in Tailem Bend

Singapore based independent renewable energy developer and investor Equis Energy recently received approval for the development, construction and operation of two solar photovoltaic (PV) projects in South Australia and Queensland, Australia with a total generation capacity of 200 MWAC.

According to the company, the PV Projects will involve a capital investment of approximately AUD 400 million (approx. USD 303 million).

Equis has also secured land rights over an additional 2,000 hectares allowing for an additional 1,000 MWAC of large scale solar PV projects to be constructed over the near term, the company notes.

Equis has signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Snowy Hydro Limited for a 100 MWAC solar project located near Tailem Bend, South Australia, which will be constructed alongside a Snowy Hydro owned 28.8 MWAC diesel-fired power station.


22-year solar power purchase agreement


Snowy Hydro has agreed to purchase 100% of the solar power produced from the Tailem Bend PV project for at least 22 years. Construction of the Tailem Bend Solar Project is expected to commence in early 2017.

According to Equis, the Tailem Bend solar PV project will be one of the lowest cost solar projects in Australia, and the combined power and large-scale generation certificates price of the Tailem Bend solar project would be approximately 40% less than prevailing South Australian market prices.

“As Asia’s largest renewable energy developer and investor, the Tailem Bend Solar Project represents an exciting expansion into Australia for Equis and an unique opportunity to leverage our development and construction expertise to deliver low cost, large scale, reliable renewable energy for Australian consumers,” comments David Russell, Equis Group CEO.

“By developing the Tailem Bend Solar Project and Snowy Hydro diesel projects together, the combined system will have the capability of providing stable power any time of the day across the entire year. In addition, the Tailem Bend Solar Project has been developed to facilitate large scale battery storage further enhancing the base load like nature of the projects.”


100 MWAC solar PV project in Queensland


Approval also has recently been obtained from the Whitsunday Regional Council for a 100 MWAC solar PV project in Collinsville North, Queensland, Australia.

Construction of the Collinsville North solar project is expected to commence in 2017. To be developed entirely by Equis, the Tailem Bend solar project and Collinsville North solar project will bring the number of renewable energy projects under development and construction by Equis to 49.

In addition, Equis has completed a further 33 utility scale renewable energy projects in Asia over the last 3 years or on average 1 project every 5 weeks.


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