PV production: SCHMID develops new process for the texturing of diamond-wire-cut multi-wafers

DW PreTex from SCHMID produces solar wafers with an extremely uniform surface
DW PreTex from SCHMID produces solar wafers with an extremely uniform surface

With “DW PreTex” SCHMID Group (Freudenstadt, Germany) presents a worldwide novelty to the photovoltaic industry: a cost-effective process for texturing of diamond-wire-cut multi-wafers based on an inline wet process.

SCHMID’s process roughens the relatively smooth surface of the wafers so that they can be processed afterwards with the standard HF/HNO3 texture.

This allows DW PreTex to be easily integrated into the existing production lines. The process can be implemented as the last step in a wafering fab or as the first process step in a solar cell manufacturing fab.

“We have processed samples for all leading wafer and cell manufacturers in our Technology Center,” explains Dr. Christian Buchner, head of the business unit Photovoltaics at SCHMID.

“With DW PreTex, our customers achieve more uniform surfaces than by texturing slurry-cut wafers – at operating costs of less than 0.01 Euro per wafer.”

This is a significant economical advantage in the highly competitive PV market. With diamond wire saws, wafers can be produced at 0.06–0.08 Euros lower cost. Therefore the demand for DW PreTex is high.

First orders for industrial mass production with 500 MW have already been placed and an additional 5 GW are expected by the middle of the year, the company notes.


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