sonnen increases investment in U.S. energy storage market with manufacturing and innovation facility in Atlanta, GA

sonnen’s InnovationHub in Atlanta, Georgia, opening in Q2, 2017
sonnen’s InnovationHub in Atlanta, Georgia, opening in Q2, 2017

sonnenInc. (Los Angeles, CA, U.S.) on February 15th, 2017 announced a significant investment in a new North American Innovation Center that combines the company’s U.S. energy storage systems (sonnenBatterie) manufacturing operations and product research and development in a single facility.

The sonnen InnovationHub is expected to begin production of sonnenBatterie products in the second quarter of 2017, and will enable sonnen to rapidly innovate and produce award-winning sonnenBatterie systems for the U.S. market in one central location in Atlanta, GA.

By combining all the U.S. product development and manufacturing capabilities under one roof, the new facility will help sonnen capitalize on its expertise in new product innovation for homeowners, utilities and new business channels and enable the company to quickly ramp up production capacity, ultimately making energy storage more affordable, reads the press release.

“sonnen U.S. has experienced exponential sales growth over the past year, making the sonnen InnovationHub a smart investment to capitalize upon the immense potential of the North American energy storage market,” said Christoph Ostermann, sonnen Group CEO.

“We expect that linking our U.S. manufacturing and R&D teams in one facility will increase the rate of product innovation, and enable us to better adapt to the future needs of the high-growth U.S. residential energy storage market.”

Amidst political uncertainty in the U.S. and abroad, sonnen’s move to a central InnovationHub represents a significant opportunity for the company to contribute to the creation of American manufacturing and electrical and mechanical engineering jobs.

sonnen has already begun renovations to the existing facility, creating a custom-designed state-of-the-art facility. The sonnen InnovationHub will bring new clean tech jobs to the Southeast and a sonnen presence to the East Coast, complementing the company’s office in Los Angeles, CA.

“It's gratifying and exciting for us when an innovative technology company like sonnen expands their footprint in Georgia,” said Costas Simoglou, Director of the Georgia Department of Economic Development's Center of Innovation for Energy Technology.

sonnen currently develops and manufactures the sonnenBatterie smart energy management systems in Germany, Atlanta and California. Through its sonnenCommunity, energy independent homeowners throughout Europe can produce, store and share their own electricity. sonnen's latest developments, the sonnenFlat-Box, which connects non-solar customers to the sonnenCommunity and grid services, and the sonnenFlat tariff, which provides community members with energy at USD 0 for 10 years, are changing the way energy is used.

These products represent the next steps in virtual power plants whereby thousands of sonnenBatteries are aggregated into one large storage pool that provides both clean energy to customers and balancing energy for the power grid in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.


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