Solar industry pioneers and IoT specialists to bring PV to the digital age with Solnet Group

Solnet Green Energy solar PV reference system in Finland
Solnet Green Energy solar PV reference system in Finland

European solar industry pioneers Dr. Winfried Hoffmann, Philip Wolfe, Dr. Tapio Alvesalo have joined the Board of Directors of Solnet Group B.V., a company headquartered in Amsterdam offering utility-scale smart solar photovoltaic (PV) solutions for corporate customers across Europe. 

Solnet Group B.V. is expanding the business model of Finlands leading solar company Solnet Green Energy Ltd., a company focusing on smart solar, energy storage, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and has installed 20% of Finlands total grid connected solar PV capacity. 

”Solnet Group is a company focusing on the digitalization of solar electricity production and management. Redundancy, remote management, low O&M costs, system integration to building automation, energy procurement and utilizing production statistics in marketing; these are all benefits of IoT and the Smart Solar solutions we offer,” says Arttur Kulvik, CEO of Solnet Group B.V.

Dr. Winfried Hoffmann is a solar industry veteran with 30+ years of experience. He had a leadership role with the German Solar Industry Association (BSW-Solar) and was a long time board member and President of EPIA (today Solar Power Europe).

Philip Wolfe is a pioneer of the renewable and community energy sectors. He was the first Chief Executive of BP Solar; and a founding director and former president of both the European Photovoltaic Industry Association and Community Energy England.

Dr. Tapio Alvesalo is the founding pioneer of Finland's solar electricity business. He is a new energy technologies & environment professional who has previously acted as founder and CEO of NAPS International, Vice President, Corporate Technology Officer at Fortum PLC the Secretary General of the Millennium Prize Foundation. He has also acted as the President of EPIA.


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