Upsolar wins contract for their largest solar PV project in Turkey

Upsolar reference solar PV plant
Upsolar reference solar PV plant

Upsolar (Shanghai, China), a provider of solar PV modules, announced a new milestone after being awarded a contract by Hilvan Enerji to supply PV panels for a 23.6 MW solar farm in Hilvan, Sanliurfa, Turkey.

When operational, the solar power generated by the facility will be able to provide enough electricity to power approximately 17,500 households to the region.

Construction on the Hilvan Enerji plant will begin within the next few months and the solar farm will be equipped with 87,630 PV modules. The system is expected to generate approximately 40 GWh of solar power annually.

Upsolar had already set a record at the beginning of last year after supplying solar panels for an 18.7 MW project as part of a 40 MW solar module sales agreement.


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