ACC and LONGI Solar to cooperate on a solar PV pipeline of 300 MW in Mainland China

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Asia Clean Capital (ACC; Beijing, China) on March 30th, 2017 announced a cooperation agreement with LONGI LERRI Solar Technology Co., Ltd (Xi'an, China), a fully-owned subsidiary of LONGI Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd., to co-develop an identified solar photovoltaic (PV) pipeline of 300 MW in Mainland China.

Under the terms of the Agreement ACC will provide construction and financing for the solar PV systems and LONGI Solar will provide technical support, equipment supply, and other services for associated rooftops.

ACC and LONGI Solar have initiated the cooperation on a series of solar projects invested by ACC, including a 14MW WISCO rooftop solar station in Wuhan, in which LONGI Solar provides mono-crystalline solar modules and ACC invests in, constructs, and owns the project. The project is the largest rooftop monocrystalline silicon soar PV project in Central China.

“LONGI Solar is the world’s largest manufacturer of mono-crystalline cells and solar modules,” said Thomas Lapham, CEO of ACC.






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