ENGIE purchases integrated 1 MW energy storage system for landmark solar and wind project in Brazil

Eos Aurora grid-scale energy storage
Eos Aurora grid-scale energy storage

ENGIE (Paris, France), Eos Energy Storage (New York, NY, U.S.), and Northern Power Systems Corp. (Barre, VT. U.S.) on April 18th, 2017 announced that the they will work together to install a 1 megawatt (MW), 4 megawatt-hour (MWh) grid-scale energy storage system supporting a hybrid solar and wind demonstration project, developed by ENGIE in Brazil.

The fully-integrated 1MW│4MWh battery storage system will be co-located with over 5MW of wind and solar generation capacities at a medium voltage substation in Tubarão, Brazil.

Eos and Northern Power will together manufacture and supply the turn-key, fully-integrated energy storage system combining the Eos Aurora battery with Northern Power’s FlexPhase power conversion technology and intelligent controls.

“In order to further develop the penetration of wind and solar, that are both intermittent sources of energy, and provide them as a stable green base load product to our clients, we need storage,” says Raphael Schoentgen Research & Technology Director at ENGIE.


“We are therefore exploring many options available in the market. The integrated battery system from Eos and Northern represents a combination of a new promising Zinc based energy storage solution and a new digital based piloting system, which are attractive both from a cost and performance perspective.”

The project represents ENGIE’s first large-scale deployment of an Eos Aurora system in South America and follows extensive prototype testing at ENGIE’s Batteries Lab located in Linkebeek, Belgium.


Northern Power’s experienced engineering design team will be leading the field installation of the energy storage system with construction beginning in summer of 2017.

“The ENGIE installation is indicative of an increasing trend within the utility industry, where key players are implementing energy storage as a strategic tool to integrate renewable energy while improving the efficiency and reliability of the grid,” said Chris McKay, Director of Sales at Northern Power Systems.

“The cost and performance evolution roadmap of the Eos – Northern Power solution is truly game changing,” adds Eos Vice President of Business Development, Philippe Bouchard.

“As prices continue to decline rapidly with scale, utilities will be empowered to deploy batteries ubiquitously at substations or co-located with generation. This demonstration project sets a new milestone on the road where a combination of renewables energies and storage capacities will in the end outcompete the traditional pattern of conventional generation and grid infrastructure, and thus allow meeting peak demand while integrating increasing amounts of renewable energy.”









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