EU ProSun applauds French President Macron's call for jobs and fair competition for the EU

The lobby organization EU ProSun which represents thirty European industrial manufacturers of solar products today welcomed French President Emmanuel Macron's call for fair competition and the need to stop Dumping in the EU.In his first appearance as President of France at the European Council meeting on 22 and 23 June in Brussels, Mr Macron called for a 'Europe that protects’ and works for European jobs, and for more effective action against unfair competition. Milan Nitzschke, President of EU ProSun: "We have long been waiting for such a message from a European leader. In recent years the European solar industry has lost two thirds of its companies and thousands of jobs because of Chinese Dumping. The most recent and devastating examples are the insolvencies of the largest solar producers in France and Germany. The reason behind this is directly linked to state-funded overcapacity coming from China, which is exacerbated by seriously EU weak trade defence and Dumping measures. Jobs have been destroyed as a result. For the last two decades the EU has globally led in solar technology and manufacturing, and still does. If we cannot sustain what remains of this key technology, what hope can there be for any other European industries of the future?"EU ProSun fully support Mr Macron’s proposal for a robust industrial policy and keeping technological know-how in the EU. The organization calls for the promotion and investment in important future technologies such as photovoltaics.Protection for skilled jobs and researchNitzschke: "French President Mr Macron is right when he says we need a "Europe qui protège". If Europe cannot protect skilled jobs and defend itself against unfair competition, the EU will economically destabilize itself even further."The French President presented a compelling vision of a "strengthened Europe that protects." According to Mr Macron this is the only way to address the tide of populism and anti-European sentiment sweeping the continent. EU ProSun encourages the French President to advance with his vision and make it a reality for all European citizens.EU ProSun represents thirty European industrial manufacturers of solar products, which have committed themselves to fair competition and the sustainable expansion of the solar 

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