E.on builds one of the first commercial, ultra fast charging stations in Germany

The range of e-cars is currently still the problem and the time to recharge them. Image: Dittmar Koop

E.on has selected Strohofer Autohof on the A3 in Bavarian Geiselwind as the first location for a Europe-wide network of ultra-fast charging stations, which the company wants to develop together with the Danish mobility service provider Clever.

The station is designed for a total of four charging columns with a power of 150kW to 350kW. At these stations, next-generation electric vehicles can be charged with a range of 400 kilometers in only about 20 minutes; in future with 350kW performance even significantly faster.

Crucial for the choice Geiselwinds as the first location for a very fast charging station were among other things the strategically favorable location between Frankfurt and Munich as well as the wide service offer of the Autohof. Construction is expected to begin in the late summer. It is planned to put the station into operation at the end of 2017.


2017-08-02 Source: E.on | © EEM Energy & Environment Media GmbH

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