SolarEdge to Live Broadcast Solar Eclipse from its PV Monitoring Platform

On Monday next week, there will be a total Solar Eclipse in the USA. Image:

SolarEdge Technologies will live broadcast from its monitoring platform the tracking of the total solar eclipse.

The live view is possible with the Company’s PV monitoring platform, which leverages its nearly 300,000 monitored solar energy systems across the United States to track the path of the total solar eclipse and its effect on solar energy generation.

The broadcast can be viewed at:

 “Being one of nature’s most magnificent events, the solar eclipse is a reminder of the importance of sunlight in all our lives. With solar energy now having greater significance for power generation, tracking the path of the eclipse is an exciting undertaking,” stated Guy Sella, CEO and Chairman of SolarEdge. “As a leading PV inverter provider in the United States with PV systems installed coast to coast, we are able to leverage our vast fleet of PV systems and real-time monitoring to live track this event."

The Company is inviting SolarEdge installers and system owners throughout the U.S., both within the path of the total solar eclipse and the areas that will experience the effects of a partial eclipse, to take part in the live tracking by sharing photos and monitoring screenshots during the event on social media using the dedicated hashtag #PVEclipseTracking.


2017-08-17 Source: SolarEdge | © EEM Energy & Environment Media GmbH

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