Hanwha Q Cells Japan Surpasses 3 GW Milestone

Hanwha's solar production is booming. Image: Hanwha

Hanwha Q Cells Japan announced to have surpassed the milestone of accumulated solar module shipments of 3 GW in Japan in the second quarter of 2017. The company entered the Japanese solar market in August 2011.

Only two years later, in 2013, Hanwha Q Cells Japan was already the largest foreign solar product provider in Japan. In 2016, Hanwha shipped 700 MW of solar modules in Japan, ranking second among the solar suppliers in the country and accounting for 10% of market share in Japan. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the total amount of solar modules installed in Japan by the end of 2016 was 42.8 GW, of which 7% was supplied by Hanwha Q Cells Japan. Hanwha's market share in Japan climbed to about 15% in the second quarter of 2017.

The constant success of Hanwha Q Cells in the Japanese solar market is based on the superior performance and quality of its "Engineered-in-Germany" solar products and on Hanwha Q Cells Japan's high versatility to flexibly adapt to the unique and dynamic market conditions of Japan. After the years of Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) driven solar business and large-scale projects in Japan, Hanwha adapted very quickly to the falling FIT. The company continuously cultivated its Q.Partners network of installers and sales agents and created solutions for the specific needs of Japanese companies as well as residential customers.

The popular Q.MAX series contributed a lot to the success in the commercial segment - an assortment of devices including power conditioners, frames, and racks, of which the adoption lowers the barrier to enter into solar power systems, and shows the commercial value of solar power.

Jong Seo Kim, President of Hanwha Q Cells Japan said: "We are very happy about our development in Japan during the last couple of years. However, we've only just begun. We will continue to work very hard in order to serve even better solar products and solutions for the needs of our valued customers in Japan in the future."


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