CSEM develops brick-mounted solar modules

Perfect integration: terracotta-red solar panels, Ecuvillens/FR Switzerland pilot project. Image: CSEM

On the roof of a farmhouse in the village of Ecuvillens in Freiburg, a solar system with brick photovoltaic modules was installed.

This innovation is based on a technology developed by the Swiss Research Center CSEM (Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology) and ISSOL Switzerland, which makes it possible to preserve the original character of the building.

In recent years, the CSEM has developed various approaches to change the appearance of photovoltaic modules, thus making the energy targets compatible with the requirements for aesthetics and conservation.

The built-in solar modules, which are equipped with "ordinary" crystalline silicon solar cells, have a uniform red color, which is modeled on the color of bricks. In this way the building can produce a maximum of electricity while preserving its original character.

For the production of the solar modules the company ISSOL Switzerland could be won, which had declared itself to produce this small quantity with a total area of 230m2. The plant was installed on the roof by Solstis in Lausanne.

The new pilot plant in Ecuvillens is expected to produce 28 MWh of electricity per year. It has an efficiency of only about 20 percent lower than a conventional photovoltaic system. The 230 m2 facility produces enough electricity to cover the average consumption of eight four-person households. This is far enough to cover the electricity needs of the farm. The excess current is fed into the grid.


2017-10-04 | Source: CSEM | © EEM Energy & Environment Media GmbH

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