Award Ceremony of the European Solar Prize 2017

This year's European Solar Awards will be awarded in Vienna. Image: Eurosolar

Since 1994 Eurosolar has recognized outstanding commitment in the field of renewable energy with the annual European Solar Prize. This year's awards will be awarded in Vienna on 18 November.

Ground-breaking projects and initiatives from all sectors of society are selected with the purpose of making pioneers and innovators the focus of public awareness and of giving fresh impetus to a decentralized energy turnaround based on 100% renewables.

Towards the end of each year, the award winners are invited to a celebratory event in an European city. Having previously been held in Rome, Prague and Barcelona this year’s edition of the European Solar Prize will be awarded in Vienna. We are pleased to present this year's award winners together with Eurosolar Austria on Saturday afternoon, 18 November 2017, at the venue of the Technical University Vienna TU the Sky. In addition a symposium on the topic 'The Energy Transition in Europe' will take place in the morning.

Both events are free of charge, please register by 10th November. Further information and free online-registration:


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