Longi Solar reaches new record for PERC cells

With its PERC cells, Longi has achieved a new efficiency world record. Image: Longi

Longi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. announced today that the German photovoltaic calibration laboratory of the Fraunhofer ISE (CalLab) has certified a photovoltaic efficiency of 22.71% for the monocrystalline PERC cells of the company - a new world record for this cell type.

"Based on monocrystalline P-type silicon wafers for large area technology, we are able to use cell process technology suitable for series production and achieve an efficiency of 22.71%. This greatly strengthens the confidence of the entire industry in monocrystalline P-type cells. We are convinced that by continuing to improve R & D for monocrystalline PERC cells, we will be able to achieve more than 23.0% efficiency in the near future“, said Dr. Li Hua, Longi Solar's Vice President of Cell R & D.

Longi Solar plans to introduce PERC cell technology with an efficiency of 22.0% at the end of 2017.


2017-10-24 | Source: Longi | © EEM Energy & Environment Media GmbH

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